Daytona Home Milan, a newly designed space in the heart of the city

Daytona showroom, located in the heart of Milan, welcomed its audience during Milan Design Week in order to present the new space.


Major, the trade press participation on the Press day and during the week where customers, artists and designers were welcomed and could immerse themselves in the renewed concept of the brand.


A fluid and dynamic environment, in which Dainellistudio’s most traditional best sellers were accompanied by two new products by Spinzi, aimed at narrating the brand’s connection with the world of automotive, Milanese architecture and speed.


The immersive experience of the installation, shown here for the first time, confirmed the dynamic character of the space, thanks to the collaboration with small companies that are excellences of our Made in Italy: Vaporetto Glass of Murano and Meitei of Venice.


The former has worked with scrap glass to give it a second life and create unique pieces with the contribution of the artist Tommaso Spinzi. The second allowed the experience to be accompanied by a fragrance especially created for the occasion.


Daytona is represented in its evolution, describing a concept of inclusiveness to the world: You are not lost, You are here.


Daytona Home Milan Showroom
Via Alberico Albricci 9, Milan
Monday – Friday: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday by appointment

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