Leonardo Dainelli designs the new Daytona collection

The Daytona project came to life in 2012 from Enrico Coco’s inspiration to create a brand that could identify the new collections in the international market of luxury furnishing. Signorini&Coco boasts a 50-year history of success and a widespread presence in the global panorama of classic furniture. This important know-how enabled it to insert a new programme within a consolidated, well organized company which was already renowned and positioned among the best export companies of the “Made in Italy” manufacturing sector.
“Daytona today is launched toward a more contemporary and minimal style compared to the first years of production and has evolved in conformity with the initial aims,” says Leonardo Dainelli, who is the brand’s artistic director, together with Marzia Dainelli.
The 2019 collection has undergone an evident transformation towards a modern style not only in its lines but also in the details and workmanship. Daytona is an evolving concept that goes with the complex moments of this age, and tries to perceive and restore a lifestyle with a strong personality.
“Signorini&Coco is a fast-paced and avant-garde company: our projects are received simultaneously with the vision they relay, and are developed in close compliance with the original idea. This is surely advantageous for our efforts towards brand awareness in the world.”




Richiedi Listino
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