Reopening of production Plant

We are pleased to inform our audience and all our clients, that our production is restarted and is working again at 100%.


During the lockdown, following the health emergency, our team continued on its activities in smart working mode. This allowed all our departments to be able and continue following all the needs and deadlines of the commercial and productive phases (even when temporarily suspended), being constantly informed, step by step, at all stages of the process.
With constancy and passion that always distinguished us, we continued to follow all our ongoing projects, ever feeding them with study constant research and new ideas.
Our specialists unceasingly worked to refine our process and to research a new inspiration in order to give you always brand new proposals, designed to fascinate and amaze you, more and more.
We have been constantly in contact with our sales network all over the world, with which we have strengthened our customer service, rethinking on our international presence, according to the new needs.


We missed you, But your absence was the stronger presence we have felt during this time.



The President,
Enrico Coco



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