Daytona at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019
Staging the art of furniture, signed by the Tuscan masters of luxury

Daytona has renewed its appointment with the Salone del Mobile of Milan where it has exhibited its 2019 collection at the exclusive xLux Pavilion, the section dedicated to timeless luxury reinterpreted in a contemporary perspective.
This edition highlighted 15 most important novelties ranging from the living room to the dining and bedroom areas. The key players are always the materials, rich, precious, with curvy and significant forms, moulded according to the shapes pursued by Marzia and Leo Dainelli and designed by skilful hands, testimonials of a past that recounts ancient trades in a perfect interweaving of tradition and innovation which again highlights the grand experience handed down by Signorini&Coco.




The stand has expanded over an area of 200 sq. m, where the elegance bearing the Daytona logo has expressed the refined tastes of the international guests who love the “Made in Italy” label. The exhibition area has recalled the early 20th-century art of furniture, in a decisively modern but warm and cosy style. Amidst prized woods, noble leathers, elegant glass and marbles, but also brass and fabrics, all handcrafted with techniques refined by time and experience, the expo itinerary has been a really multisensory experience. The chromatic framework is represented by light, warm grey colours, used to perfectly blend the various colours proposed in the single products, while smoke-grey glass confers elegance and refinement to the whole item. Lastly, inserts in black ash recall the modernistic experimentations of the great masters.



Shooting by: Studio Leon

Richiedi Listino
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