Ventura is a generous and aristocratic modular sofa, defined by the combination of shapes and materials wisely harmonized to forge a furniture piece that in just a few years has been an icon of the brand.

Its modern design has revived the timeless materials typical of the Daytona style, such as opaque black steel of the foot matched to the ancient skin, and grand cotton knots with the reassuring colors of the Tuscan lands. The upper part of the structure is in goose down, memory foam and top quality rubber, with seats supported by a wise interweaving of elastic belts.

Technical details:
Modular sofa with plywood structure, seat cushions covered in multi-density rubber, upper layer in Memory foam, all-over surface of soft goose down. Backrest cushions of goose down. Seat with 6 cm elastic belts. Steel feet with opaque black finish.

Linear – 00305 – l. 352 x p. 90 x h. 84 cm
Linear – 00307 – l. 373 x p. 170 x h. 84 cm
Linear – 00306 – l. 286 x p. 170 x h. 84 cm
Angular – 00248 – l. 460x p. 353 x p. 170 x h. 84 cm

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